The 50s and 60s

WITH La Livraison des Mannequins, we can imagine that Balkanyi must have seen something like this. But it is the funniness of the scene that caught her eye, rather than the people. But look at the queue in the Bureau de Poste. These are real observed characters.  In La Vente de Vieilles Lunettes à la Foire à la Ferraille, we see observation of character, situation and action brought together to wonderful comedic effect. In the early 60s Balkanyi moved from the Rue de la Chapelle to the Rue de Sèvres, to a second floor flat that gave her a grandstand view of everything going on in the shops on the other side of the road and the flats above them. The formality of the poses in the lithograph SB Cat 1321, suggests that it may have been made to present to her neighbours as a souvenir before their shops were demolished.

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