Suzanne Balkanyi: ‘Une humanité très originale’

IN 1966, A. Dunoyer de Segonzac wrote in his introduction to Suzanne Balkanyi’s exhibition at Le Nouvel Essor in Paris: 

“Suzanne Balkanyi is an engraver and draftsman with an exceptional gift for observation tinged with irony.

“She applies her acute and humane power of observation to the widest range of contemporary subject matter: women’s fashion, street scenes, auction houses, air and even sea travel, as in her wonderfully evocative image of a Vaporetto in Venice.

“Her sense of the absurd is not that of a caricaturist, but is the result of a very particular sensitivity and humanity. This, together with an unusually spirited and almost childlike approach, raises her work to a real and significant quality.” *

The purpose of this website is to bring her work to a wider audience, and to act as a first step towards establishing a trust in her memory to benefit young printmakers.

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*   “Le talent très personnel de Suzanne Balkanyi, graveur et dessinateur est fait d’un don exceptionnel d’observation teinté de spirituelle ironie.

“Le caractère critique et humain de son œuvre s’est révélé devant les spectacles le plus divers de notre époque: la couture, les rues, les ventes publiques, l’aviation et même la navigation, comme ce Vaporetto de Venise si spirituellement évocateur.

“Son sens du ridicule n’st pas du domaine de la caricature, mais révèle une sensibilité et une humanité très originale et sa technique d’aquafortiste d’une rare spontanéité qui touche à la naïveté, d’une réelle et très grande qualité.”

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